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Details and Photos to Come...

With the move to UC Berkeley, the Prometheus Group has taken over control of rooms 100, 130A, and 130C in Hearst Mining Building. As part of a general laboratory construction and renovations the following setups will be part of the facilities available to students and researchers:

Growth, Synthesis, & Fabrication Facilities
Excimer Lasers for PLD Growth (4)
Coherent LPX 305 (1)
Coherent LPX 305 (2)
Coherent COMPex
Coherent LeXtra
Laser Tables, optics, and enclosures for growth setups
RHEED-Assisted PLD Growth Systems
TSST RHEED-based, high-pressure growth system
TOF-ISARS and RHEED equipped system
RHEED-assisted PLD with in situ sputter deposition
Traditional PLD Growth Systems (7)
Traditional PLD Growth Systems (2)
Multi-target/material Sputter Deposition System
Multiple tube and box furnaces
Vacuum furnace
Contact aligner
Ion milling
Plasma cleaners
Hoods (3)
Characterization Facilities
4-Circle, thin-film X-ray Diffractometers (2, Panalytical MRD)
SQUID Magnetometer (5T, Quantum Design)
Physical Property Measurement System (5T, Quantum Design)
Atomic Force Microscopes (Asylum Research and Bruker, AFM/PFM/c-AFM/MFM)
High-end Electrical Characterization Probe Stations (2)
Designed for state-of-the-art thin film electrical and thermal testing setup - designed for the study of dielectric, ferroelectric, and pyroelectric materials up to 500 degrees Celsius. The system is capable of reaching a 10 pA noise floor. The system includes an exhaustive array of measurement hardware and electronics, such as:
Signatone S1160 Probe Station with SCA-50 Coaxial Probes for low-current studies
Radiant Technologies Multiferroic Tester
Allows measurements up to 100 V / 50 kHz or 10 V / 100 kHz
Ferroelectric hysteresis loops, leakage, charge, resistance, fatigue, C(V), PUND, Imprint,... 
Keithley Picoammeters
Keithley Source Meters
Agilent E4980A LCR Meter and HP 4284 Impedance Analyzer
Stanford Research SR-830 Lock-in Amplifiers
Multiple high frequency/capacity National Instrument DAQ-boards
Lakeshore 325 Temperature Controller
Femto Low Noise Current Amplifier
SR560 Low-noise Voltage Preamplifier
Solar Simulator, Electronics, and Photoelectrochemical Measurement Setup
Strong white light source, AM1.5 filter, white light biasing
 Computer controlled access to four different testing configurations:
Broad, white-light illumination - 2” diameter spot for large area illumination
Fiber-optically coupled white-light - White light coupled into a custom-built probe station for small device measurements
Broad, monochromatic illumination - 2” diameter spot for large area monochromatic illumination
Fiber-optically coupled monochromatic light - Monochromatic light coupled into a custom-built probe station for small device measurements.
System allows for measurement of I-V characteristics of photovoltaic devices both macroscopically and in a custom designed probe station.
Photoelectrochemical yield and efficiency measurement system to this system. This includes:
Gas chromatography - capable of detecting gases down to the 10 ppm level
Gamry Potentiostat
Custom-designed, gas-tight reaction chamber
Vacuum-equipped closed loop gas system
Computer control and data acquisition
Ultrafast Pump Probe System - 465 MRL